Java RAMBO Manifesto

“Java Programmers of the World Unite!” begins this self-proclaimed revolutionary book with only half a wink. “You’ve got nothing to lose but the chains of method calls through endless layers of APIs until you reach the database!”

If you’re a Java programmer bowing down before the puffed-up majesty of the stumbling, tottering SQL database, read this book and speed up your applications from 3 to 3000 times. Stop struggling with acronyms like JDO, JDBC, J2EE, or EJB and live in pure object-oriented harmony. Seize control of the objects again and stop reshaping and reforming the data to make it fit in the decades old vision of SQL. Working with pure Java is faster, simpler and just as safe as the old regime.

This book explains how a few lines of Java code can provide all of the security and persistence of the old databases without any of the overhead, royalties, or license fees. In many cases, the code for this simpler approach is even shorter than the code for moving the bits into and out of the database.

Many of these ideas are collected in the the Prevayler toolkit, an open source project dedicated to helping Java programmers take control of the This simple foundation makes implementing these ideas fast and safe.

The book is available from the following booksellers:

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