Policing Online Games

  • Stop Cheats

  • Build Strong Games

  • Enforce the Laws of Virtual Physics

  • Build Safe Banks

  • Create P2P Worlds

  • Do you yearn to build a safe, secure online worlds where orcs, cowboys, aliens and cocktail waitresses can live, scheme, love, and conquer with trust in the game? Do you want to create a more perfect world where the players advance according to their skill playing the game instead of their ability to download the latest cheating code? Do you want to stop cheaters, modders, hackers, and other schemers from ruining the fun?

    This book lays out the philosophical and mathematical foundations for building a strong, safe, and cheater-free virtual world. It explores how the right equations can let people roll dice, shuffle cards, pay bills, and trade things like swords without worrying about fakes, frauds, counterfeits, or tricks. The right decisions in a game’s architecture can provide trust and stability for everyone.

    Peter Wayner is the author of 12 books and a frequent contributor to publications like the New York Times. His past books include Translucent Databases, Disappearing Cryptography, DigitalCash, and Free for All.

    In short, for anyone wanting to go online with their games, I really recommend spending some time with this little gem. It is a small book that packs a lot of punch, and it doubles up perfectly as an introduction to encryption techniques. -- Ivan Milles, idevgames

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