Compression Algorithms -- Errata


Please send along any other errors you find in the book and note
if you don't want me to credit you. In the past, I've paid people
for finding errors. If I launch such a program for this book, I'll
pay you in the future. I usually do this before coming out with a
second edition. Thanks!

  • Page33. 3rd paragraph, 3rd sentence. ( Interesting set of 3s)

  • "This a cross between the ..." ----- The word "is" is missing.

    (Thanks to Stephen Johnson)


Does your browser support enhanced forms?

If you're curious about whether your browser supports some of the current data objects, this table reports the results of testing them. It's a companion to my article at InfoWorld about the new standards.

Table of Contents for Java RAMBO Manifesto

1 RAM 1
1.1 Embracing RAM Resident Data 2
1.2 Why This May Not Be For You 5
1.3 Threat Models 6
1.4 ACID Compliance 7
1.5 Using the Book 9
2 Basic Object in Files 11
2.1 An Example 12
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