Case Studies in Translucent Databases

Translucent Databases contains several dozen examples written in basic SQL and
Java. The code is written to be easy-to-follow and portable. All of the
code can be extended and modified to fit a number of different applications.
Here are some of the examples:

  • A database that hides the position of Navy ships from enemies while
    simultaneously providing accurate information to those with proper authorization.
  • An anti-rape database that identifies trends without containing
    any personal information.  
  • A babysitter scheduling service that matches parents with available
    sitters while protecting the sitters' identities and locations'.  
  • A department store database that guards the modesty of customers.
  • A private accounting system that detects fraud without revealing
  • A poker game for the Internet that prevents cheating.  
  • A pharmacy database for preventing dangerous drug interactions
    while keeping medical records secure.  
  • A tool for travel agents to protect their clients from stalkers
    and kidnappers.  
  • A stock exchange transaction mechanism designed to stop insider-trading. 
  • A website logfile tool that provides accurate counts of visitors
    while protecting their identities.
  • A credit-card database for defending crucial e-commerce transactions.
  • A patent search tool that doesn't reveal the nature and focus of
    the search.
  • A conference bulletin board that routes messages without helping
  • A tool for studying the radon concentration in homes without maintaining
    personal information.
  • An anti-money laundering database.
  • Privacy-preserving car tracking (2nd edition)
  • XML encoding and decoding (2nd edition)
  • Fuzzy and incomplete matching (2nd edition)
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