CS 371 -- Assignment 11 -- AngularJS

Describe briefly what data your app collects and what it sends to the server.
If we'll need a user name to log in to see anything, put it here. It's okay to leave your CouchDB open for this assignment, but if you want to do a good job add a name and password. And list them here.
If we need a password, put it here.
Tell me whether you think the time spent on this assignment was appropriate.
If you have any suggestions, please add them here. For instance, if you want to suggest how to change this assignment for the next time the course is given, feel free to say something.

Compression Algorithms -- Errata


Please send along any other errors you find in the book and note
if you don't want me to credit you. In the past, I've paid people
for finding errors. If I launch such a program for this book, I'll
pay you in the future. I usually do this before coming out with a
second edition. Thanks!

  • Page33. 3rd paragraph, 3rd sentence. ( Interesting set of 3s)

  • "This a cross between the ..." ----- The word "is" is missing.

    (Thanks to Stephen Johnson)


JHU 371 First Assignment Answers

Please give me the four byte IP address of your Amazon instance. Port 3306 should be open.
This is the name of the database containing your table. This is probably "first" but change the value if it isn't.
This is the name of the table that holds one row of data. This is probably "example" but change it if you used something else.
This is the user name that should be granted READ access to the table name. It is probably "bluejay" but change the entry if you used something different.

JHU 371 Poll

Ruby on Rails
Please drag the tiles to reflect your preference. Put the ones you like the most on top.
Add your own preferences here. I'll assume that would like to do these MORE than any of original list. If you have some complex flowchart of preferences, let me know here.
Please type your birthday.

Troop 1000 High Adventure Summer Plans

Canoeing (Lakes in the Adirondacks or the Allagash River in Maine)
Hiking (Adirondack mountains)
Bicycling (Cape Cod)
Do we hike, bike or paddle? Please rank your preferences by dragging the options up and down. Top is your favorite.
Please check all available weeks. Most of the trips are six days, and run Sunday to Saturday. This means that we would drive out of Baltimore on Saturday morning, and return the following Sunday afternoon. There might even be another day on each end, depending on travel time and the like. Heritage is going to be June 21-28th.
Sat July 4 - Sun July 12
Sat July 11 - Sun July 19
Sat July 18 - Sun July 26
Sat July 25 - Sun Aug 3
Sat Aug 2 - Sun Aug 9
Sat Aug 8 - Sun Aug 16
Drag the tiles up and down to rank your choice of days. The check boxes are to show WHEN you can go. This is to show your preference. Push the unavailable weeks to the bottom.
If a father wants to come along, please list his name here.

Troop 1000 Summer Camp 2014

Please check all weeks that might work.
Please check your first preference
Troop 1000 has traditionally gone to Camp Freedom at Heritage Scout Reservation but there are other choices. Some have suggested exploring Bayport Scout Reservation along the Rappohanock River in Virginia. Please let us know your preferences.
We will use the Notre Dame pool for three weeks in February and one week in March to study for the Swimming and Lifesavings Merit Badges. If there's enough interest, we can offer Scuba merit badge too. We will need at least 6 scouts or parents to contract with the diving instructors. You must be 12 years old for the junior certification and 15 for the full certification. The charge will be approximately $250 for the pool portion. Finishing certification requires an open water dive in the summer. This certification is a requirement for going on High Adventure trips to places like BSA's SeaBase. Please check which merit badge you intend to pursue. In most cases, Scouts will only be able to pursue one.

Course Survey




Price: $55.00

Does your browser support enhanced forms?

If you're curious about whether your browser supports some of the current data objects, this table reports the results of testing them. It's a companion to my article at InfoWorld about the new standards.

Table of Contents for Java RAMBO Manifesto

1 RAM 1
1.1 Embracing RAM Resident Data 2
1.2 Why This May Not Be For You 5
1.3 Threat Models 6
1.4 ACID Compliance 7
1.5 Using the Book 9
2 Basic Object in Files 11
2.1 An Example 12
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