iPhone/Webkit version of Cory Doctorow's Makers now free

Cory Doctorow released his new book Makers under a Creative Commons license and so I decided to use it as a further experiment with my iPhone software for books. This is a very simple tool that builds upon Vladimir Olexa's CiUI framework by adding some simple paging features. All it takes is a tap to the bottom or top of the screen to advance one page or go back.

Click Here to Read It

Click Here to get it from iTunes

Some features:

  • This web based version doesn't require Apple to sign off of the book, something that's a big pain. ( See here. )
  • Paging takes just a tap of the finger. Tap on the bottom to scroll down. Tap on the top to scroll up.
  • I can update this quickly with bug fixes. Write me if you have thoughts or suggestions. (p3 at-sign wayner dot org)
  • You can install this as an icon on the main panel of your iPhone by just clicking the plus key at the bottom. There's a custom icon and a nice splash page with a classic image from James Wright of Derby.

Instructions for installing are below the break. Click through to read them.

Step 1:

Go to the right page.

Step 2:

Check out a page with some text.

Step 3:

Click on the plus key to add it to your home screen. Then click on the "Add to Home Screen" Button.

Step 4:

Choose a name. "Makers" is pretty good.

Step 5:

Then see the icon. Clicking on this will open up the page in full screen mode giving you a few extra lines of text. You now get a fancy splash screen.

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